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*Promotion is valid up to latinum 4 league.

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We will increase the payout on your order and will stick it to the top of our pending queue.


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2 days 15 hours
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Your discount: 15% (-$24)
Highest Win Rate
Our tft boosters are only from high diamond and master leagues and have incredibly high win rates!
Refund Upon Request
If for any reason you change your mind while your order has not yet been launched we will easily make a full refund. If the order has been started, you will receive a partial refund.
We Support You
You can always write us a facebook messenger or use the form on the site. Our support agent will answer all your questions and help solve any problems!
Chat with TFT Expert
Using our service you can chat with a real TFT Pro player. Do not miss the opportunity to find out his opinion about the current meta or compositions.
Fast Boosting
We work quickly and efficiently, start to release within 5 minutes after receiving the order and finish the boost as soon as possible.

What Happens after Payment?

Returning back to the Website

After the purchase, you will be transferred back to the right to the account creation page/login page.

Account Creation

Quick account creation stage. If you already have an account, then you would skip this step.

Order Gets Booster

Usually, orders are claimed in less than five minutes, but in some situations this time can be increased. You will hear a notification when an order will be claimed by a booster.

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How can I be sure that service will be provided?

We already completed a lot of orders and have many verified reviews. We value our reputation very much because we are working with such giants as PayPal and G2A, and they will never work with not reliable service. And that means that we will definitely bring your account back!

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During boost, I would like to be in contact with people from my friend list. Is it possible?

Yes, it's possible. There are two options. The first one is to transfer messages through your booster via chat in the customer area. The second one is to login to the League Client when your booster is already in the game and chat with your friends by yourself (this option is not recommended). Important note: Your booster won't chat with anyone without your permission.

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Will my order be completed in the time specified in the checkout?

The answer is highly likely yes. Most time it will be completed even earlier. However, this is approximate completion time and we can't guarantee exact time completion. But we can guarantee that we are always trying to complete orders as soon as possible.

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How can I get a promo code?

You will get your personal promo code after the first purchase. It gains from 30% to 20% permanent discount on our services depending on your Loyalty Program Level. Also, we sometimes announce promo discounts on the homepage or send exclusive codes via newsletter to our customers.


Why should I choose this TFT boosting service?

Boosting service for all TFT players

We focus on the quality and speed of the service by hiring among the very top of League TFT ranked ladder (Diamond 1 and higher is a basic requirement for a regular position in our roster).

Lightning fast TFT boosting

We've designed the boosting system with the fastest order completion time. Most orders are getting claimed within the first minute.

Buy TFT Boost Cheap

We hold our prices at a the cheapest level since we can process as many orders as possible at the same time.


cheapest prices for TFT boosting

Chat with Professional TFT Players of High Rank to get tips and learn new compositions and builds that are used during the TFT boost process!

TFT boosting accessible to everyone is an amazing serivce which combines in itself great prices, high-skilled boosters and friendly user interface.

Usually we able to boost at least a one division per day. Give a try to the TFT boost!

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